Nobuya Sato

Nobuya Sato

Design Systems Advisor in Tokyo, Japan, He/him


Nobuya is an Experience Designer, a Design Systems Advisor, and a Future-thinking Strategy Consultant with nearly three decades of extensive experience in designing the user experience for digital products and services. He has led numerous large-scale complex projects and platform strategy initiatives for domestic and international clients.

Side Projects


Invite-only community for Design Systems practitioners at business companies in the Tokyo area since 2019.

Work Experience

2021 — 2023
Director, Experience Consulting / Head of Digital, Japan at EPAM Continuum
Tokyo, Japan
2016 — 2016
Strategic Design Director at BCG Digital Ventures
Tokyo, Japan / Manhattan Beach, CA
2012 — 2016
Product Strategy Director / Group User Experience Director at AKQA
Tokyo, Japan
2008 — 2011
Producer, Creative Center at Sony
Tokyo, Japan
2002 — 2008
UX Design Lead / Sr. Information Architect at bA
Tokyo, Japan
2001 — 2002
Lead Information Architect at Razorfish
Tokyo, Japan