Nobuya Sato
CG Artist, Experience Designer
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 Nobuya was born in 1970. After graduating university, joined a design company of major telecommunication manufacturer, Oki Electric, as Industrial Designer, specialized for CAiD (Computer Aided Industrial Design). Not only helped other designers to digitalize their workflow, he was also involved in promoting digitization within the corporate parent.
 In 1994, he joined to establish an interactive media design company, Cyber Graphics, Inc..
 Cyber Graphics, Inc. (a.k.a. "CYBER") is one of the Japanese pioneer web design developer. As core member of CYBER, he was engaged in website design and building projects, such as Japan's first EC joint experimental project, first online magazine and Internet World Expo' 96.
 From 1998, which was a recharging time for him, he went to U.S. to extend his expertism in 3D animation and Visual Effects. While he stayed in the States, his works was awarded such as SIGGRAPH , VEAF (Canada), and Ajijic Internacional de cinema (Mexico).
 In 2000, he came back to Japan, as Director of Information Architecture, to help in establishing Tokyo office of iXL. After iXL Japan was closed, briefly worked for Sapient as Creative Lead, and joined Intervision-Razorfish, Inc. as Lead Information Architect.

 Currently, he is working as Experience Lead for one of the biggest financial client in Japan.

 Magazines related to Computer Graphics and web design had featured him several times. Currently he is writing the information architecture articles on Nikkei Net Business.

 Nobuya hold his Bachelor of Design (BDes) in Industrial Design from Kobe Design University.

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